Beginning Wildlife Photography: Aperture

Snowy Owl


Besides using  shutter speed you can also adjust the amount of light hitting the sensor of the camera by changing the aperture of the lens being used on the camera.  Every lens has a minimum aperture and a maximum aperture which is represented by a f value. This is adjusted by turning a ring on the camera to let in more light or less light.  The lowest value lets in the greatest amount of light and the highest value the least.  For example:  you have a lens that has a range of f values from f4:0 to f16:0.   The aperture is considered "wide open" at f 4.0 and that value lets in the most light.   When the aperture is closed down to highest value f16.0, that is the least amount of light the lens will let in.  You will want to adjust the aperture to either increase or decrease the depth-of-field which will be discussed later.   For a video discussion on aperture go here Aperture explained