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Birds in Flight

Birds in Flight.   This is a 128 page book with loads of photos I have taken over the years of the things birds do best. Soft cover, over 200 photos. Cost is only $20 including shipping. Get your signed copy while supplies last.

Owls in the Wild

Owls in the Wild.  8x10", 128 pages and over 200 photos of the species of owls found in North America.   $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping.  

Buy Birds in Flight  and Owls in the Wild together for $40.00 plus $5.00 shipping.   

Raptors in the Wild

Raptors in the Wild.  8x10", 128 pages and over 200 photos of diurnal (daytime) raptors found in North America.  $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping. 

American Kestrel Pint-Sized Predator

"Incredible photography is the centerpiece of this book and it will immediately grab your attention: alternately awe-inspiring, intimate, humorous, surprising, and familiar. It is like flipping through the pages of the Kestrel family photo album, with text that complements the photographs, telling the full story behind each moment. Kestrels are overflowing with charisma, and Kate Davis and Rob Palmer have managed to capture that elusive charm in this fitting tribute to a remarkable little falcon." --David Sibley, author of Sibley Guides "If "One picture is worth a thousand words," this small book, packed full of superb and exciting images of America's smallest and most colorful falcon by the author/photographer Kate Davis and photographer Rob Palmer, is worth at least 100,000 words! Moreover, the text, written in clear, interesting, and non-technical but authoritative language, complements the photographs in a way sure to stimulate readers to learn more about the life story and habits of the American Kestrel by making their own observations in the field." --Tom Cade, The Peregrine Fund, Boise, Idaho. A signed copy of this book is 18.00 plus 5.00 shipping and handling.  This book is available here 

American Kestrel

The Tale of Jacob Swift


Some nature books for children are so good for you they're no fun to read. Others are fun, but don't teach anything. Jacob Swift is one of those rare books that manages to tell a compelling story while simultaneously infusing its young reader with a wealth of information about the natural world. Illustrated with Rob Palmer's phenomenal photographs of swift foxes and their Great Plains landscape, this is a book both kids and adults will be happy to read over and over. Because of that, Jacob Swift will both entertain and educate many people about an important place very few are aware of: The Great Plains of North America. Review by Chris Helzer, ecologist and author of "The Ecology and Management of Prairies in the Central United States. Paperback: 48 pages Author: Jeff Kurrus: Photographer: Rob Palmer A signed copy of this book is $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.

Raptors of the West

Winner of the National Outdoor Book Awards for 2011 for Design and Merit. With their striking looks, keen vision, and hunting prowess, the birds of prey—eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls—have long captured the human imagination. Now Raptors of the West, a collection of some of most remarkable and action-packed raptor photographs ever taken, can inspire your own imagination to take flight. This book, the latest collaboration by award-winning photographers Rob Palmer and Nick Dunlop and author/ photographer Kate Davis, is a glorious photographic ode to the forty-four birds of prey that roam the skies of the American West. Instead of grouping the birds by type—owls with owls, hawks with hawks—the book has chapters arranged by the habitat type and region where each bird spends the breeding season. Whether you’re enjoying these pages from the comfort of your own armchair or taking a trip to the field you can see which birds to look for in that area—Swainson’s Hawks soar over grasslands next to Prairie Falcons while Cooper’s Hawks share mature forests with Flammulated Owls. While the 400-plus stunning color photographs are enough to set this book apart on their own, Davis’s informative and entertaining text completes the picture. Paperback: 224 pages Author: Kate Davis Photographers: Rob Palmer, Nick Dunlop.  The book is available here:  Raptors of the West

Falcons of North America

This book is a comprehensive guide to the falcons of North America written by my good friend Kate Davis. Over two thirds of the photographs are mine with additional photos by Nick Dunlop and Kate. Over 200 photographs, species accounts, 13 illustrations, and range maps. If you want to know about falcons, this book should be a prerequisite. The book is availble here:  

Falcons of North America

Sky Hunters; The Passion of Falconry

This book is a wonderful hardcover coffee table book.  320 full cover pages with photos of falconry from all over the world.  A must for any falconer or anyone that wants to know more about this ancient sport.

This book is currently out of stock.  If you would like a signed copy of the book, please contact me at