This spring, I am offering weekly workshops to photograph Greater Prairie Chickens displaying on their mating grounds (leks).   Prairie Chickens come back to the same lek year after year so you are assured of seeing the birds fighting and mating.  The sessions will be held every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout  the month of April.  You will be photographing from a blind with one other photographer or alone.  There are only 4 spots available per session so book your reservation soon.   You will need warm clothes, a stool, a tripod and a camera with zoom or prime lens from 100mm to 600mm.  

The cost of each morning session (from 5:30 am to 9:00 am) is $200.   This covers the blind fee and payment to the rancher.   Hotels, travel and meals are not included.   The nearest town is Wray, Colorado and there are two hotels for you to choose from.  The prairie chicken leks are located approximately 20 minutes from town.   You will need to arrive the evening before the scheduled date as we will be leaving at 5:00 am from the hotel.  

Available dates:   March 29, 30    April 5, 6     April 12,13    April 19, 20    April 26,27

For more information contact  303-888-5264

To reserve a spot, please deposit $50 using the PayPal link below.  Make sure you state the date(s) desired.   


One-on-One Zoom Training

I am offering one-on-one zoom training for Beginner to Intermediate photographers that want to learn about their camera in a one to one situation.  If you are a budding photographer but don't have a clue how to use a point and shoot, a digital SLR camera or a mirrorless camera, this is where to learn.  

The cost of each session is $50 per 50 minute session where you will be one on one with me.  Bring your camera and loads of questions and we will see where this takes you.