Bat getting a drink at a pond.

Do you want to know how to get photos just like this? Well this workshop is just the ticket. We will spend three mornings photographing local birds from a blind and two nights photographing bats in SE Arizona and you are almost guaranteed to get a photo just like this. All you need is a digital camera and a 200 mm or greater lens. The flash setup, and the pond where the bats come in for a drink are already set up and all you do is set up your camera and the rest is up to the bats.

We will also be photographing hummingbirds in the morning with a similar setup. You don't even need to bring your own flash. There are two workshops.  The dates are Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, April 17th - 19th or Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 20th to 22nd. You will need to arrive on the night before and we will head to the location for shooting before dawn the next morning. The location is just south of Green Valley, Arizona which is approximately 30 miles south of Tucson. Each workshop is limited to 6 attendees, so reserve your spot today. The total cost of the workshop is $500.  A $100 deposit is required to reserve a spot. This deposit will be refunded if the workshop is cancelled for any reason.  For further information please contact or call me at 303-888-5264

Deposit or Full Payment